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transporting the listener into the production via radio, download, streaming or podcast...


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Type: Monologue
'Bothered and Bewildered'
by Gail Young
Accent: Lancashire

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Type: Monologue
'Deep Heat'
by Robin Soans
Accent: Northern

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Type: Poem
'How To Win Friends'
by Vernon Waring
Accent: Heightened RP

"Luci performed character voices for an audio drama series I'm currently producing. Top. Notch. Talent. Quick turnaround and beyond professional throughout. Her experience in dramatic delivery as well as unfaltering professional "can do" work ethic will make any production better. I look forward to offering Luci more roles in my production. A real pleasure to work with. Thank you, Luci. World class!"

Eric Howell  (Producer)


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Genre: Soap opera for Radio
Role: Daisy Godwin
Age: 19
Accent: London

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Genre: Fantasy
Role: Keira
Age: 17
Accent: Northern

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beatles audio drama.jpg

Genre: Historical drama
Role: Thelma
Age: 16
Accent: Liverpool

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"We worked on a full cast audio production over remote connections with many other actors. Luci was a delight to work with. She was amazingly quick to adjust from direction and took action to produce exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I can't wait until we get to work together again."

Thomas Machin  (Owner, MagePro Studios)

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