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real, emotional life for those characters you've worked so hard to create...


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Character: Apocalypse resistance leader
Tone: Brave but terrified
Age: 16
Accent: Manchester

00:00 / 00:34

Character: Villain
Tone: Calculated, playful, volatile
Age: 30
Accent: RP

00:00 / 00:25

Character: Warrior queen
Tone: Fierce, wild
Age: 25-30
Accent: Northern

00:00 / 00:25

Character: Detective
Tone: Cynical, sarcastic
Age: 30-35
Accent: North American

00:00 / 00:26

Character: Grieving mother
Tone: Shocked, heartbroken
Age: 30-35
Accent: Northern

00:00 / 00:22

Character: Spirit guide
Tone: Gentle, grounded
Age: 140
Accent: Neutral English

00:00 / 00:23

Character: Pick-pocket
Tone: Focussed, cunning
Age: 20
Accent: Cockney

00:00 / 00:17

Character: AI in spaceship control room
Tone: Engaged, efficient
Age: Ageless
Accent: Transatlantic

00:00 / 00:12

Character: Washerwoman
Tone: Irritated
Age: 40
Accent: Yorkshire

"Luci was wonderful to work with! She captured the character perfectly and was easy to direct. I would definitely recommend her for future voice work!"

Elizabeth ' Ziz ' Simoens  (Game Director & Producer)


Game: The Magnificent Trufflepigs (Teaser)
Role: Beth
Age: 28
Accent: Northern

Game: The Magnificent Trufflepigs (Gameplay)
Role: Beth
Age: 28
Accent: Northern

Game: Cloudpunk - City of Ghosts
Role: Ava Jate
Age: 24
Accent: Heightened RP

Game: Blacktail
Role: Zora
Age: 20
Accent: Neutral British

Game: Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space
Role: Premaya
Age: 19
Accent: American

"Luci is a true professional. I definitely recommend working with her."

Nicolas Sobczak  (Project Manager, The Parasight)


Charity livestream: In The Game For Ukraine
Organisers: Side | PTW | IGN
Raised: £87,764.69 for British Red Cross #operationukraine

Game: Vampyr

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