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giving your business a sound to match its message...


00:00 / 00:46

Type: Medical narration
Audience: Adults
Tone: Trustworthy
Accent: Neutral/ Northern

00:00 / 00:32

Type: IVR (phone system)
Audience: Topshop customers
Tone: Clear
Accent: Neutral/ Northern

00:00 / 00:20

Type: App - My Fit Kids
Audience: Young families
Tone: Lively
Accent: Northern

00:00 / 01:28

Type: App - Meditation
Audience: Adults
Tone: Serene
Accent: RP English

00:00 / 03:36

Type: Internal comms
Audience: Employees
Tone: Proud
Accent: Northern

"Luci delivered excellent performances and recordings for two motion design projects in Spring 2020: one aimed at children, the other at academic audiences, and she provided distinct and appropriate performances for each animation. Luci worked from voice over scripts and directorial notes to rapidly record in her home studio and deliver high-quality .wav files. For each animation, she provided two reads in requested tones, and also supplied recordings of alternate phrasings included with the script. The clients were delighted with the choices available to us in the editing phase, and with the final results, as am I."

-  Nikolaus Morris  (Director)


Client: Callaly
Audience: Teens + adults
Tone: Candid
Accent: Northern

Client: Gin Mare
Audience: In-house
Tone: Easygoing
Accent: Northern

Client: Bruntwood
Audience: Business owners
Tone: Strong
Accent: Manchester

Client: NSPCC
Audience: Team members + committee
Tone: Encouraging
Accent: Northern

Client: Equipol x University of York
Audience: Academics
Tone: Conversational
Accent: Northern

Client: Nomad Foods
Audience: New starter employees
Tone: Friendly
Accent: Northern

Client: Twitch x Pringles
Audience: Stakeholders
Tone: Energetic
Accent: Neutral British

Client: Law firm
Audience: In-house
Tone: Storytelling
Accent: Northern

"Luci recorded audio for our new phone system. Quick turnaround and high quality delivery. Correspondence was friendly and accommodating. Looking forward to working together again."

Elizabeth Hendy  (Video & Audio Engineer, CPL Learning)


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