Fun and fresh with that Northern soul...

...the go-to Manchester millennial


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"Luci has a fresh voice that was perfect for my project. She's professional, delivers on time and sound quality is very good. I look forward to working with her again."

-  Eric Marodon  (Creative Manager, Zebra Producciones)

My vocal style is current and relatable. I'm often booked for my natural
'girl-next-door' vibe, which has been described as sensitive, as well as witty.

My native accent has a Northern lilt, as I'm originally from Manchester, and I'm often told hits that sweet spot of 'Relatably regional but not too in your face'... I'll take it! I am a trained actor though (darrrling) and can dial it up and down as required. And I work a lot too in RP, London and US accents, amongst others.

From commercials to E-learning and video game voice acting to audio drama, I love the variety and endless possibilities of voicing! Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the page for an insight into how I can help in each different genre.

I'm based in Hertfordshire, so can often be found in and out of London studios, as well as easily travelling up north to the motherland.
Most days though, I record and edit from my dreamy (if I do say so myself) studio at home. Do have a gander at the 'Studio' section further down the page for more info.
I have a speedy turnaround time due to clients being all over the world in different time zones and am always buzzing to deliver top notch audio every single time.


"We've used Luci on a number of projects ranging from corporate videos to broadcast features. Turnaround is always quick and the quality is excellent... that's why we keep coming back for more! If you're looking for a talented artist to work with, take a look at Luci."

Dennis Luckett  (Director, C1 Media)

No-one likes a gloater, I know.. but I'm so proud + humbled to be recognised amongst some of the very best voices in the biz.. that I couldn't not mention these badboys!

Best Radio Commercial
Performance - Female


Best TV Commercial
Performance - Female


Best Demo Performance
- Female


"Absolutely satisfied - great voice, good acting, faster response than I could handle. Thank you."

Oscar Horvath  (Producer, Emotions Online Agency)


"Professional and fast turnaround, and great communication before recording. Luci responded well to the brief and direction. An excellent performance that sounded very present in scenes where the voiceover reacts to imagined character activity. Highly recommend!"

- (Animator, N. M. Associates)


Equipment                                                          Microphone: Neumann TLM 103          DAW: Adobe Audition     
Booth: Studiobricks One - VO Edition              Interface: PreSonus Audiobox              Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770s


Remote Connectivity options                               Cleanfeed                                      Discord  
Source Connect                                                     ipDTL                                             Phone patch
Session Link Pro                                                   Zoom                                             + most other systems you may prefer ☺




"Luci was a pleasure to work with. Her performance was exactly what we had hoped for and she brought our character to life from the very first word. She also took the quirks of the project, and the technical hurdles of recording the session remotely, in her stride. Completely professional and a joy to work with - I'd happily recommend Luci to all!"

Andrew Crawshaw  (Creative Director, Thunkd Games Ltd)

I still get excited for every job and am happy to have lent my voice to hundreds of
brands, clients and customers - but I couldn't list them all, so here are a few of my all-time faves:

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